February 6, 2019

Debunking 5 Myths About Live Wedding Bands

If you’re presented with the options of having a live band or a DJ for your wedding, chances are that you will choose a DJ, there are a few misconceptions about live bands and we just want everyone to know that its not always the case…


Myth #1: Live Bands Are Cheesy

When thinking about live wedding bands, the first image that pops up in a lot of people’s mind is a bunch of middle-aged men dressed in outfits that might have been cool in the ’60s, singing songs that are equally as cheesy as their outfits. The truth is that there are many live bands that are way more versatile and experienced than your run of the mill wedding band, bands that are working live shows frequently and have a whole lot of skill and talent.  If you want to give a live band a chance, check out a few performance videos on their websites so that you can choose the ones that you like best.

Myth #2: Live Bands Have No Variety

People assume that live bands have no variety in their music and only play dull and stale songs. However, this notion should be directed to DJs instead of live bands. Often times, DJs limit their playlist to only trendy music and a few wedding classics. They might even frown at you if you ask them to play your favourite song. That is because they can get a little defensive when it comes to changing up their music style as they feel like they have an “image” to uphold. Professional live bands are often more likely to listen to your request and happily play it for you.

Myth #3: Live Bands Are More Likely to Bail

Many people shy away from hiring a band because they fear that if one member fails to show up, the whole thing crashes down. But this inst actually the case.  With a live band, there are members who can cover for each other when there is an emergency. .

Myth #4: Live Bands Are Too Loud

Another common misconception about live bands is that they are too loud for smaller events. The truth is that they can adjust their volume to fit any type of the room just like a DJ can. These musicians are professionals that know how to alter their sound to fit with any space.

Myth #5: Live Bands Can’t Keep the Party Going

Who says that bands can’t keep the party going? A solo DJ can only get people to dance and sing along while live bands are able to be interactive – with each other as well as the audience. They can keep everyone amped up and make sure that they’re having fun throughout the wedding!


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