January 18, 2019

How to Liven Up an Awards Night

If you thought award ceremonies were all about formalities and hence, boring, think again. With a good range of entertainers, characters, hosts, and plenty of good music at hand, your awards night can be a night full of fun. If you are wondering where to begin, we are here to help you. Listed below are eight ideas that you can use in your own event to make it memorable long after everyone has gone home.

  1. Choose a theme

A generic awards ceremony can easily be forgotten. That’s why you need to create a theme specific to your program. There are countless theme ideas to choose from in order to make your event an exciting one. You can any basic theme and then build on it by putting your own unique spin on it to make it special.

  1. Choose an awesome venue

Instead of holding your awards ceremony at the banquet hall near your office, a hotel, or an event venue, why not think out of the box and get creative? Find a unique venue that can add a touch of freshness and elegance to your event, Sydney has such a wide range to pick from, that you are spoilt for choice.

3.  Make your invitations special

Every detail matters and invitations are no exception. In fact, invitations are incredibly important because they’re the first impression guests will have of the event and it is the one that will set the tone. Your invitations should reflect your company and remain consistent with the branding you’ve used throughout your awards program. They should also spark interest and excitement in your guests so that the attendees look forward to the ceremony.

4. Mix and mingle entertainment for awards ceremonies

When guests arrive at an awards ceremony they’re excited, ready to celebrate, and full of nervous energy. That’s why having the sort of entertainment that can add a sense that something special is about to happen is what is required. So mix and mingle with the guests, pose for photos, and strike up a conversation! It’s a celebration, after all. Walkabout entertainment tends to be versatile in nature, which means that it can be easily adapted to suit the audience and theme of the event.

5. Make more seating space with long tables

Circular tables are a common choice for any awards ceremony. And while they’re conducive to conversation amongst guests, they take up space that could be used to accommodate more guests. So, if you’re expecting a large turnout, instead of opting for circular tables, choose long tables that allow you to fit in more guests and free up space for photos or other things that you want to integrate into your event.

6. Make a mark with non-traditional centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are a common favorite for any event. This makes them more of a generic option rather than something that will make people look up and take notice. Make the centerpieces relevant to the event and give guests something creative to do amongst themselves throughout the ceremony. This way you will not only make the event interesting but highly entertaining as well!

 7. Hire a talented MC

The Master of Ceremonies must be capable enough to read the crowd. If they sense the crowd is restless, they’ll need to move it along. If they see the crowd is enjoying themselves, they can allow things to flow at a natural pace. Do not try to host your own event, especially if you’re not skilled at reading your audience and getting things moving. It’s worth hiring a professional who has experience with this type of event, as they’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly. You can request your host to move around instead of staying put on the stage because it draws attention and makes the spotlight move around the room, letting the audience get more engaged in the event.

 8. Book some skilled entertainment. 

Sydney has an abundance of live bands and entertainers to choose from for corporate events and awards nights, but taking on a talented and experienced band is suggested. They are familiar with planning the night around the venue the theme and the also coordinating their performances with the rest of the evenings set events.

Professional and experienced entertainers are an important aspect of the night, they can really add to making the evening truly special.


To wrap up. 

It is true that an awards ceremony is much more than just a theme, centerpiece, or budget. But creating a memorable and entertaining event means paying attention to the small details because each of it will add up in a big way.


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