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16 Jul '19

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What makes a great band at a corporate event?

The Sydney live music scene has a lot of talent on offer and with so many exceptional acts around there is a lot of quality options in terms of potentially hiring one of these groups for your next corporate event … Read More

06 Feb '19

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Debunking 5 Myths About Live Wedding Bands

If you’re presented with the options of having a live band or a DJ for your wedding, chances are that you will choose a DJ, there are a few misconceptions about live bands and we just want everyone to know … Read More

31 Jan '19

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The key things to know when Hiring a Wedding Band.

Finding a band for your upcoming wedding can be a dreadful process that you don’t want to go through. One reason is that you may not know where to look for a decent one, or perhaps you’re just not sure … Read More

23 Jan '19

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How to Select the Perfect Band for Your Event

Live music can be a great addition to almost any event. The warm sound of the acoustic instruments can really liven up the mood of just about any event. However, picking the right band can be quite tricky. Jazz music … Read More