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  • Our Cabaret Girls will WOW your audience with their hypnotising, sexy onstage personas and cutting edge choreography. They are exceptional dancers in every style. We can create quick flashmob style shows, interactive roving performances and we can execute stunning productions of up to 20 minutes. So whether you want one girl or ten, we have everything you need to create a special occasion that you and your guests will never forget!

    We can create a themed show to match your event or you can choose from one of our very popular themes:

    Welcome To Burlesque

    A cabaret burlesque style of dance which is sensual yet classy with a touch of tease! If you loved “Moulin Rouge” and “Burlesque” then you’ll love our girls performing live.

    All Tied Up In The 1920’s

    Watch our flapper girls shimmy and shake and perform classic jazz dance steps including the Charleston. Perfect for an event that is themed “The Great Gatsby”.

    The Pussycat Dolls Cabaret

    This is provocative and energetic and pays tribute to the infamous Pussycat Dolls Lounge in Las Vegas. Combine our gorgeous girls with first class choreography and sexy costumes and we’ll have your audience hanging on the edge of their seat!

    Hollywood Party

    Most Appropriate for a semi formal or black tie event and can feature performances inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Beyonce, Britney Spears and more. This is bound to captivate your guests attention and will then make them want to jump up and hit the dance floor!

  • Shows Format

    Podium dancing – 2 x 15min sets of dancing within each hour.

    Performers freestyle on a podium or secure area for the agreed length of time to whatever music the dj is playing with all costumes provided. Style of dance and costumes to be discussed prior to booking.

    Roving Entertainment – 2 x 15min sets of dancing within each hour.

    Performers are free to move around the venue while free styling to whatever music the dj is playing. Props are optional (e.g. for a cabaret burlesque theme we would use large ostrich feather fans, boa’s etc) and performers are encouraged to engage with guests. All costumes are provided and style of dance and costumes are to be discussed prior to booking.

    Live Shows – 1 x 5min show.

    Performers will dance a fully choreographed routine which is the most exciting to watch of the two previous options. We have pre set routines, however if there is a particular style or song you would like us to use there will be an additional choreography and rehearsal fee per dancer, per hour. All costumes are included (unless you have a specific request). Song choice, choreography etc are to be discussed prior to booking.

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