DJ Marco

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    50s & 60s/ 70s & 80s Disco/ 90s & Top 40/ Rock/ RnB
    Experienced in over a thousand weddings over the last 20 years. Marco Gentili brings professionalism and certainty to your celebration. Reliable equipment and over 20,000 songs to choose from. Marco will give you the freedom and the choices to make your wedding or any event for that matter, special. His pre-planning will ensure you and all your friends will remember and enjoy your special event. Marco will give you the choice of micro-managing, or leaving it all to him. He understands to respect your wishes in detail.
    No song is too hard to find. No speech too hard to give. Professional and respectful at all times Marco will liaise with you from beginning to end.
    He DJ’s in Italian , English and various other languages.
    If you want peace of mind…. Marcos’ your man

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