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  • Experienced, Articulate, Confident and Professional.

    Since 1990 Francesco has been working as a part-time Wedding MC; Event Compere in Sydney. His energy, passion, commitment and experience are reassurance that your function or event happens exactly the way you plan it.

    Francesco specialises in not only Italian style weddings but also in multicultural & mixed wedding ceremonies. If you have attended a wedding in the past 20 years at any of Sydney’s finer reception centres such as Conca D’Oro, Le Montage or Curzon Hall, you may have seen Francesco work.

    Francesco can be considered multilingual and is able to speak & read Italian (fluently), and over the years has learned to speak (limited) Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Assyrian and Croatian.

    “I feel that when the MC delivers the opening or welcoming to a wedding, he has to make a connection with the guests, being able to say a few words of welcome in the language/s of the night provides a way of making that connection”.

    Francesco believes a good MC should be “heard and not seen”. For this reason the role of the MC is to ensure that the focus of the event is the Bride and Groom, the Bridal Party and the families. At the end of the night, your wedding guests should remember your wedding for what it is – your celebration.

    “A good MC will also ensure that your event runs to time, the order of events happens exactly how you want, and that everything runs smoothly. This means that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the experience.”

    “At every wedding I like to run through the event plan with the Bride & Groom to make sure that I understand all the details, introductions, names, order of speeches, timing, special traditions etc. I also introduce myself to your video, photographer, DJ, band and other service staff to ensure that we are all working together and that they also have a full understanding of how you want your night to run”.

    Francesco is in high demand and many of his wedding bookings are from family recommendations or from couples that have seen him MC at a function.

    “It is a pleasure for me, and very flattering also, when I am booked to MC a wedding where the couple has seen me working or someone has recommended me. Often, the bride and groom will tell me that I was the MC at their bother’s or sister’s or cousin’s or even friend’s wedding either recently or sometimes even 5, 10 or more years ago!”

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