Twin Flame Jets

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  • Twin Flame Jets

    Stylish, extravagant, and very experienced duet team up with engineering genius Mr Robinson to time explosive flame effects at key choreographic moments to magnify the explosiveness of their choreographed performance. Flame Jet Effects add the next level of intensity to any Fire Performance.30 cm pilot lights which project from 2.5m – 4.5m into the air at key choreographed moments in the show magnify the explosiveness of the performance into a jaw dropping experience of extreme amazement.We have paved the way of providing quality fire shows for corporate events for over 20 years and are across every area of OHS!We have different Flame Jets to accommodate any ceiling height.

    The height and intensity of the flame are controlled by the operator. The Operator is also the Fire Warden for the Show.

    Perfect for Corporate Events and Weddings.
    20+ years in the industry
    100% Fire Safety overseen.
    4mW x 3mD x 3mH Stage Specs
    Requires a Sound System to play sound track thru.

  • A 12 min tightly choreographed to soundtrack Duet Fire Dance Show with explosive flame effects

    Special requirements
    5m length x 5m width Stage
    Meals and Parking for the entertainers

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