Aboriginal Dancers

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  • Our performers cover both traditional and contemporary indigenous styles. Their award winning show has toured to over forty countries around the world while still maintaining a strong presence in Australia. They have some of the world’s finest Didgeridoo Players, Dancers, Singers, Storytellers, Choreographers, Traditional Painters, Musicians, and also provides Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies.

    They supply a wide range of services in the corporate sector to make your event memorable and successful, performances are tailor made to suit all occasions, the duration of the presentation can be anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on availability of your time.

    We offer didgeridoo players, singers, dancers, smoking ceremonies, message stick presentations, welcome to country and can produce both traditional and contemporary styles. The Number of performers can be anywhere between one to twenty, depending on your budget, they have been producing corporate shows since 1993 leaving their cultural magic on events and making the occasion unforgettable.

    During the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, their network was booked for many of the major corporate events around Sydney, completing seventy performances in twenty five days, the clients and audiences ranged from over one hundred countries as they show cased the true spirit of indigenous Australian culture to the world.

    They have worked with some of the world’s leading organizations and clients including Aurora Resorts, United Nations NYC, Hawaiian Airlines, P &O Cruises, Qantas, Virgin Airlines, Amway International, Seoul City Government, Air New Zealand, Etihad Airlines, Korean Air, Australian Grand Prix , Disneyworld Florida, South Corp Wines, Tourism Australia , DFAT , Australian Rugby Union, AMP, Australia Council, Canada Council, Aboriginal Tourism Australia, Channel Seven, Samsung, Australian Government, International Aids Society, BMW, SOCOG, Richard Pratt, David Suzuki, Queens Jubilee Organization, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, International Indigenous Funders, Moscow Circus, Sydney Casino, Northern Territory Tourist Commission, Sydney Opera House, Austrade, Discovery Chanel, NAIDOC, Fox Studios, BHP Billiton, Staging Connections Singapore, Aboriginal Business Awards, Vibe Australia, Leading Universities from around the world, Law Council of Australia, De Longhi, Ben Q, Maritime Union of Australia, Aboriginal Health Services, Gloria Jeans, Attorney Generals Dept, Environment & Heritage Australia, Corporate Challenge, Asian Soccer Cup federation, Museums from around the world, Luna Park, Royal Australian Mint, Racing NSW, Australian Navy, US Navy Pearl Harbor, as well as many of the major five star hotel chains and the world’s leading Event Management companies which has seen them perform in over forty countries.

    In 2005 they became the first indigenous company to become a finalist at The Sydney Business Awards.

  • The format usually works best if we start the presentation with just the didgeridoo player, then the dancers come in from different locations. As they come through they do the ‘Clearing Dance’ and then the ‘Welcome Dance’ followed by other significant indigenous dances. There is a small amount of narration explaining the significance of each dance. The performers are well versed in corporate presentations and provide a professional representation of Australian indigenous culture.


    Clearing of the Ground


    Birds & Animals

    Pippi Dance



    Mimi Spirit

    Performance Formats

    1 x didg player / speaker – for 5 to 10 mins

    1 x didg player / speaker plus 1 x dancer – for up to 15 mins

    1 x didg player / speaker plus 2 x dancers – for up to 15 mins

    1 x didg player / speaker plus 3 x dancers – for up to 15 mins

    1 x didg player / speaker plus 4 x dancers – for up to 20 mins

    1 x didg player / speaker plus 5 x dancers – for up to 20 mins

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