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  • Two Celebrities feature an array of various dance styles from Ballroom, Salsa and Latin American representing the Passion, Elegance and Beauty.

    Feel, witness and experience some of the hottest high profile dancers from down under as featured and seen on television shows “Dancing With The Stars”, “Strictly Dancing” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

    Celebrities Duet will perform rumba the dance of love and a hot tropical rhythm of salsa plus an optional fun audience interactive moment depending on your preferred option of either 2×3 minutes or 1×15 minutes.

    Celebrities Quartet will perform couple solo numbers such as salsa, samba, cha cha cha, paso doble and/or rumba plus also a couple of group dance numbers like either a beautiful ballroom medley or top 40 party songs and can perform either as 2×7 minute spots or just 1×20 minute spot.

    You have seen the dancers in all of the major television dance shows in the country but now you have the chance to book them to perform at your special private celebration event and watch them rock the house up-close and personal in a very intimate atmosphere and performance environment.

    Audience members also have their own chance to get up close and personal with a chance to dance with the actual stars of the show live on stage.

    We look forward to dazzling your special event and mesmerizing your guests.  Enjoy our World, Australian, European and Asian Dance Champions!

  • Performance Formats

    Celebrity Duets (2 x performers) 2 x 3 min or 1 x 15 min fully choreographed performance to music.

    Celebrity Quartets (4 x performers) 2 x 7 min or 1 x 20 min fully choreographed performance to music.

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