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  • Renee – Palm & Tarot Reader

    Who doesn’t want to know what lies ahead for them in their life? Romance, passion, fame, fortune… what is around the corner? Enhance the mystique, allure and intimacy of your event with a roving Palm and/or Tarot Card reader. Renée was first introduced to palm reading at the age of 12 by her aunt, a successful clairvoyant in the UK. Over the years, many other clairvoyants have sensed Renée’s psychic abilities and encouraged her to develop her skills. Renée’s palm and tarot readings are always relevant and accurate – even if not obvious at the time. Your guests will have great fun finding out what their future holds.

  • Up to 2 hour roving performance

  • “Having my cards read by Renee has restored my faith in this fine art… Not only was I calmed by her gentle nature but fulfilled when a few months later both my career and relationship took a turn for the direction Renee had foreseen… At first I wished they were both positive, nevertheless she was right and turns out at least one of them wasn’t meant to be, obviously the girlfriend 😉

    I feel confident in Renee’s physic abilities and would recommend her services without ‘that second thought’….”

    Ryan Mcabe

    “Renee has done several readings for me and a number of my friends over the last five or so years. Each time I have found her to be remarkably accurate. Examples are down to knowing that I would receive a significant award at work, the hair colour of my new girlfriend, and specific details about her and our relationship that no one else would know. Renee provides great detail and depth in her readings. It is clear that she has genuine psychic ability, and reliability beyond any other reader that I have seen before. She is also an incredibly warm and friendly human being who is a pleasure to be around. “

    Sarah Wooster

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