Brazilian Dancers

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  • In this indeed marvelous show, fun starts right from the opening parade, imagine yourself on Copacabana or Ipanema beach, where you can experience the real carioca spirit, perhaps while sipping a cold draft beer on the bar or kiosk scattered by the seaside and watching the beautiful people in the Carnivale Show stroll by. Then comes a spicy candela fire samba dance number, it is now time to look for a privileged spot and imagine watching the sunset in the summer and feeling the air breeze blow through your body. Then, we go straight to sexy body shakes featuring the beautiful and exotic Carnivale ladies who will have you clapping and smiling in no time. A very happy audience then responds lots of ‘Brazilian Chispa’ – so now you are starting to imagine the many beaches in Brazil where one can often listen to live music and interact with the performer. The vibe has fully has set in, you feel like extremely good and already getting a tan from just watching the show, and the schedule is about to get more intense. Rio is the country’s musical capital and the shows are abundant.

    Get ready for the capoeira martial arts straight back in history from the 17th century and you are stunned and absolutely shocked for how magnificent these capoeristas are and some of the movements they perform live right in front of your own eyes, action acrobatic moves that you have not even seen Jackie Chan doing them.

    We are going to finish with a BANG! Please welcome on stage Batucada Drummers ready to rumble with the rhythms and beats of the Amazon’s jungle. Everybody will be tapping along to the beat and refreshed as their journey to Brazil culminates in true Samba and Batucada converting into Olodum. Lots of sexy bikinis and lots of hot bodies to crave for right here with this amazing Carnivale show. After this then your wish is our command if you want us to continue the celebration by getting your special guests dancing with the Carnivale sexy dance crew.

    If you want to experience the Brazilian way of dancing, call us and book us now for your next special private event and simply bring Rio’s most traditional estilos being Samba, Batucada, Capoeira & Olodum to you live in full effect.

  • Option One = 2 Girls performing different samba routines and audience interaction for 2 x 7 minutes.

    Option Two = 4 Girls performing different samba routines and audience interaction for 15 minutes.

    Option Three = 4 Boys performing batucada drums, capoeira and audience interaction for 15 minutes.

    Option Four = 2 Girls & 3 Boys performing samba, batucada, capoeira, olodum and audience interaction for 20 minutes.

    Option Five = 3 Girls & 3 Boys performing samba, batucada, capoeira, and audience interaction for 20 minutes or 2 x 10 minutes.

    Option Six = 5 Girls & 5 Boys performing samba, batucada, capoeira, salsa, parade and audience interaction for 45 minutes.

    Basic Definitions:
    CAPOEIRA = Is a blend of dance and Brazilian martial arts in which performers form a circle and take turns ‘sparring’ with feints, kicks and slaps. Fans see it as fluid, acrobatic, athletic, dramatic and poetic. It is hot and spectacular and today capoeira is very popular across the globe with its unbelievable, breathtaking dance and acrobatic movement with the presence of music and song.

    SAMBA = Hailing from the steamy streets of Brazil, the lively Samba is danced in 2/4 time with three steps to every bar. The dance utilizes fast motion, swirling twists, and outstretched arms for emotion. Samba is a form of expression of the human body letting free.

    BATUCADA = Batucada is energy paced, live drumming that keeps the rhythms pounding & the dancers dancing to the samba and olodum rhythms from Brazil.

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