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    Chicks on Sticks, Chicks with style, Chicks with attitude. Are you looking for an entertainment concept to work your audience into the most funky of moods? These Chicks have the groove! Slick and slinky, watch these glamorous characters lift and transform the vibe of any event.

    With Sassy Dance moves and the gift of the gab, these blue babes are living life to the fullest!

    Regardless of theming, The Slick Chicks can adapt into Crazy Circus chicks, usher style characters, space babes, or even cheer leaders.


    With Fun and Frivolity, these characters light up any event, especially where sophistication is the name of the game.

    Creating general shenanigans and playfulness, these characters have been modelled on the original Gatsby movie ” Twins”, Twin girls who’s role it is to get the party started… and they do !

    They have the option of coming equipped with:

    * Huge luxurious feather fans that they dance with.

    * A Frame for peaking in and out of and for audience members to take pictures within.

    * Hula Hoops and champagne bottles of bubbles!

    * The gift of the gab!

    * Being REAL twin performers


    Adorned with glamour and poise, Style is the name of their game.

    Inspired by Circus and Burlesque, Cirque De Rouge adapts to Stilt Characters or Fire Performance.

    With or without Fire these characters will bring a definite taste of crazy decadence to any event.

    With their flamboyant edge and fiery nature the audience will be challenged to have a most enjoyably delicious evening!


    Extravagant and very beautiful, these elegant Style Showgirls will shake your audience into sheer amazement.

    Dripping in beads and sequins, these characters radiate a feeling of celebrating in class, while shaking their tail feathers to the sound of the groove. Perfect Ground Characters for award presentations.

    Can come masked on request.


    Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

    The Fluoro Dollies create fun for the whole family!

    With their electric colouring, these walking, talking living Dolls are a sight for sore eyes… and can be seen from miles away! They even Glow under Ultra Violet Lights.

    Great for Circus Themes, Kid’s Events and Ultra Violet Light Performances.


    A Playful Acro balance Character Act.

    Suited to all events, especially those with a sophisticated edge!

    These Stylish Cat Characters will Rove and play with your audience as they find their balance – on top of each other! Moving into a clear space to perform a synchronized balancing sequence before merging back into interactive play and counter balances with the audience and each other.


    majestic light priestesses

    Illuminated in white light, these beauties hover in from another land.

    Reminiscent of a fusion between the Elizabethan age, vaudeville circus and fairy princesses, your audiences will be transported.

    Brought to you by the company who has delivered world class light acts to VIVID Festival Sydney since its beginning

  • On stilts for up to 1 hour per performer

  • “Our vision for the Hoopla festival is to bring the very best acrobatics, circus and street theatre to Sydney… that are not only entertaining; but challenge the boundaries of traditional circus arts. We are confident that by having Stilt Dollies at this year’s festival, we have been able to achieve our aim.” – Marguerite Pepper Productions

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