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  • Stepping straight off the screen of a sci-fi movie (think Bladerunner & Tron), comes this high technology walkabout act or stage show. LED Robots are a troupe of genetically engineered organic robots, wearing ultra-bright, illuminated costuming and performing with state of the art Graphic Poi visuals.

    Graphic Poi are state of the art light equipment that paint intricate Graphic Imagery around performers as they perform choreographed routines.

    Originally commissioned for VIVID Sydney – this striking and unique act is out of this world!

    Technical Details:

    • Graphic Poi are computer programmed with company logos.
    • Led costuming with over 1000 lights in each suit and 7 colour changes.
    • Duo or trio currently available.
    • Pair this act up with the Robotic LED stilt concept for an entire entourage of cyber characters.
    • Extra costumes made to order for large scale events.
  • LED Robots SHOW (Graphic Poi Show) 3 Person / 7 min show. Requires 3m x 7m stage.

    When your client asks for something that people have never seen before… a WOW Factor like no other… you can now say YES!

    Lumiere steps light performance up to the next level of visual and technological amazement. As a component of a bigger show, or as a stand alone act, LED Robots is a performance involving state of the art light equipment – Graphic Poi .

    Electrifying light and Hypnotic movement come together as the best of Sydney’s Twirlers with this state of the art ultra modern technology leave audiences all over Australia speechless. Revealing high definition graphics, we can customize and program, with precision, to display company logos / graphic text and complex imagery, creating a completely specialized performance for your event.

    Explosive and completely absorbing, this technological dreamscape of unlimited and unimaginable proportions will create sensory overload to blow your audience away!

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