Tony’s Magic Roving Show

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  • Born in Sydney but brought up in the UK in the era of Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill, Steptoe and Soon, The two Ronnies, Fawlty Towers and more – Tony offers a unique form of entertainment.

    He arrives to entertain complete strangers and by the evenings end befriend them all. “I believe entertaining/relating is my strongest ability, magic is the tool I use to mesmerize my clients seconds after”.

    No cliché card manipulations, theatrics or bad language, just good old fashioned hilariously funny entertainment.

    Ideal for Children and adult Magic

  • Roaming/mingle magic, table magic, stage show depending on clients requirements. All packages tailor made to suit whatever the occasion.

  • “In my line of work I am fortunate enough to meet many entertainers, Watching Tony, however, bewitch a crowd is majestic. Making the impossible possible. Tony helps people find that part of themselves they had thought long left them in childhood. Tony leaves his crowd with a sense of wellbeing, a sense of possibility, a sense of Wonder… Tony is a true performer”
    Chis Phoenix HYPNOTIST

    “The on and off stage performance by Tony’s Show was truly captivating”. The performance was quite spectacular”
    M’s Cheng, Auxiliary Committee NSBHS, Winter Wonderland Event

    “TONY IS MAGICAL I worked with Tony at an internal corporate event with a Festival vibe. Tony was one of many activities available to our guests, however Tony had a line of people 50 deep as they were so intrigued by Tony. He’s engaging and a fantastic spirit to be around. I’d use Tony services again.”
    Kym Hassett, Bayer International Event

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