Greek Dancers

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  • We welcome you to Greek dancing like no other!! Everybody say OPA!

    This amazing group based in Sydney will surely take you on a journey through a showcase of dance, whether its retelling Greek/Cypriot history through traditional song & dance or creating history through fusion of modern Greek song & dance. We cater for events such as weddings, christenings, festivals etc.

    Come on a journey with us through an array of medleys which is both graceful and captivating, uniting the customs and traditions of Greece/Cyprus and uniting Australia through the beauty that is both Greece/Cyprus.

  • Traditional Greek/Cypriot Dancing

    1×15 min – Either Traditional or modern – minimum 8 dancers

    2x 15 min – Both Traditional or modern-minimum 8 dancers

  • Hi Emilio,

    The Dancing Event was a great success thanks to you and your team!

    It went just as we hoped and everyone I saw had a huge smile.

    Our principal joined into the dancing and in costume too. She was delighted with the way it went – “Exactly what we wanted.”

    Harry and all the team were very professional and did a great job. They brought joy into our community and we are all still buzzing.

    Thank you for all your efforts

    Peter Corkill
    Head of Extra-Curricular Music
    International Baccalaureate – Music

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