Incognito Waiters

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  • The latest entertainment hoax dance craze ready to Wow, Dazzle, Pow & Sizzle your special event and guests with a totally unexpected dance surprise performance from your incognito waiters guaranteed to make you want to Gangnam Style.

    Incognito Waiters can feature to blend in with the crowd as either waiters and/or guests.

    They always arrive late at the last minute around 30 minutes prior to appearance and then suddenly transform into a massive dance explosion.

    If you want something new, fresh, exciting and completely different, then you must book this act featuring an incredible range of multi-award winning champion dancers.


    Whatever your dress code and special theme for your special event may be, the actual dancers will be dressed exactly in the same style as your guests, in order to blend in as if they were part of your normal family and friends.


    This is when the dancers are all dressed with plain white shirts/blouses, black shoes and black pants with a tie as optional. The waiters do a variety of regular duties like picking up empty glasses from tables, taking trays, serving food, sweeping dance floor, mopping any spills, giving directions around venue, taking an order, dropping menus, standing by main doors, fixing decorations and assisting people in general as your happy fun waiters.



    After having been operating undercover as “guests” or “waiters” for 15 minutes, the dancers here will then suddenly break out into a fabulous, cool, wonderful and incredible surprise dance performance involving fully choreographed dance sequences from a range of different available dance styles and spectacular freestyle combo tricks which would then blend into a melting dance fusion pot which will ignite the dance floor to surprise your guests with a spontaneous dance performance that nobody would have been expecting whatsoever. The whole flash mob will only last a short time as it is traditionally done all over the world for major impact and then when you less expect it and just like the way in which they started, all the dancers will suddenly also break out and disappear from venue and leave just like nothing had ever happened, thus giving the thought and point of conversation to your guests of: “Wow! What on earth just happened? I cannot believe it. That was fabulous” or perhaps: “What the ____ was that? That was totally the best surprise I have ever experienced”


    After having been operating undercover as “guests” or “waiters” for 15 minutes, the dancers here will then suddenly break out into a super amazing, magnificent and brilliant dance performance involving fully choreographed dance sequences and spectacular freestyle tricks. The whole party show can last a good 20 to 30 minutes depending on the vibe of the crowd and the energy provided by people and your guests. The party show also includes a dance-off battle between the dancers and it also features a fun dance interaction with your guests making everybody join the dance floor and party to the hottest dance hits and whatever the DJ plays. When finished the dancers will express their final thanks with a special bow and the MC gets to say an outro, thus giving the thought and point of conversation to guests of: “Pow! They are by far truly the best dancers I have ever seen” or perhaps: “They were just sitting on my table and we had a very enjoyable conversation over dinner but I never expected them to dance and let alone be so fantastic! What a show! Look at everybody dancing now”


    • 8 dancers is the way to go if you really want to Wow and Pow absolutely everybody.
    • 7 dancers is still ok but of course it will not be as good as having 8 dancers.
    • 6 dancers can do a fine job too but nothing beats having 8 dancers though.
    • 5 dancers will no doubt deliver the goods but with various limitations.
    • 4 dancers is only good for a quick short small show if on a limited budget.

    Sorry but cannot do 1, 2 or 3 dancers because of being too much risk to compromise providing you with the high quality 7 stars dance service performance that you deserve. It is honestly best having 8 dancers if you can afford it.

    SOME trigger examples to start off the show [but of course can do anything you desire & imagine]:

    • Wrong special public delivery or just DJ smashing sound effects.
    • Smashing plates or dropping cake to the ground.
    • Interrupting a main speech or crashing the party.
    • Falling down over a slippery floor or pretending to argue over the meals.
    • None and just start playing the music loud when people less expected and BOOM.


    • Hip Hop
    • Breakdancing
    • Salsa
    • Bollywood
    • Retro 80s Funk
    • Latin American Dance Couples
    • Disco 70s
    • Street Latin & Reggaeton
    • 1920s The Great Gatsby
    • Capoeira

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