April 19, 2018

How to pick awesome wedding entertainment!

Picking the right Wedding Entertainment, can be a daunting task, how can you be sure they are professional, show on up time, have a great vibe and provide you and your wedding guests with some memorable fun for the evening.

At EP Entertainment we have been providing Sydney with some of the best live acts for Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties and much more for over 15 years now, we understand how important it to have a great live act perform at your wedding and work exceptionally hard to ensure this.

But how do you ensure you nail it and pick some amazing talent to perform on the night??

EP have already done that part, we have sourced the best live talent Sydney has to offer, we have provided live entertainment for some of Sydney’s most prestigious venues and events.

But that doesn’t mean we can cater for all budgets, it just means we have great talent on offer.

If you are after live entertainment at the ceremony, we suggest:

We recommend a live band for the evening to celebrate your special evening:

If you would like some traditional dancers for your wedding night EP Entertainment work with:

We also have modern dancers for your wedding:

If you are looking for something different:

We work with only the best performers in their fields.We can arrange for entertainment from different performers throughout the night to better suit each part of your special evening.

Contact Emilio on 02 9807 1919 to arrange one of our amazing acts and performers for your wedding.

If you want to see more videos on our groups and performers check out EP Entertainment’s YouTube Channel