January 23, 2019

How to Select the Perfect Band for Your Event

Live music can be a great addition to almost any event. The warm sound of the acoustic instruments can really liven up the mood of just about any event. However, picking the right band can be quite tricky. Jazz music groups are ideal for instrumental music that can be both background music or foreground music. Typically, a jazz band has a pianist or a guitarist leading the band with a bass and drum as accompaniments. Depending on the requirements, the music can be something soft that just fades into the background or it can be loud and energetic that people can dance to. Jazz offers a variety of compositions and will fit into almost all types of events.

When you are trying to find a band to play jazz at your event, there are a lot of factors you will have to consider since every event will have a different mood. Here is a list of things that you need to consider before you hire a jazz band to play at your event:


The jazz genre covers a wide range of moods. Depending on your musical tastes and the requirements of the event, you will have to pick a band. Broadly, jazz music can be grouped as background music, listening to music, or a combination of both.


// Background music: Ideal for formal events, the background music is something that adds to the ambience of the event. It is unobtrusive and stays behind the scenes, creating a livelier atmosphere. In events where you expect people chit-chatting, or where there will be speeches or presentations, background jazz music is an excellent option. In this case, a solo pianist or a guitarist can play soft jazz music. An entire band may not be needed. However, if you want, you can hire a trio where a drummer and a bassist will also be included.

// Easy Listening Music: Easy Listening music is for events where people come to the event to listen to the music. It can be a private performance from the band held in a club or a theatre. Or, it could be used as dancing music at a party.

// A combination of both: Sometimes, the background jazz music can often come to the foreground and be the central theme of an event. For instance, a party that gets more festive and energetic as the evening progresses. In this case, the music needs to be versatile. Use of drums and saxophone are crucial in this form of music where the drums add more energy in the music while the saxophone helps in the transition of the music from the background to the foreground.


The nature of the event plays an important role in the type of music that you will require. Events can be formal or casual. Formal events include corporate events or fundraisers’ parties. More causal events include weddings and so on. The type of music that you will opt for solely depends on the nature of your event and what kind of music the event demands. For instance, in weddings, it is crucial for the music to be a part of the event itself whereas, in more corporate events, such as a corporate dinner, the music can just be a background element that improves the ambience.


There are a few logistics that you’ll have to figure out, including room size, number of attendees, pacing, and outfits. These may make a difference in the type of jazz band you select.


// Room Size: You will need to make arrangements based on the size and the type of room. If you are renting a hotel space or a hall for the event, then chances are you have all the requirements covered. Otherwise, you need to check the acoustic performance of the room, availability of electrical sockets and more. For an outdoor event, the scenario changes completely. Here, the number of people attending the event also plays a role. Weather conditions also become a factor, further complicating matters. Therefore, the space where the band will play is an important consideration.

// Number of attendees: The size of the band should always be proportional to the number of people attending the event. The larger the number of attendees, the larger the band should be. For a small event of thirty people or so, a duo or a trio is perfect. This creates a more intimate setting. For larger groups, you may want to a hire a larger band. Again, if you are looking for that intimate and cozy atmosphere, you may want to stick with a smaller band even when you have a large number of attendees.

// Pacing of the event: The start and end times, as well as the proceedings of the event,  play a role in the type of jazz band you want to get.

// Outfit of the musicians: You will need the musicians to be dressed properly for the event. Tuxedos are ideal for a formal event. A less formal outfit would include a suit jacket. In the case of casual events, a shirt and a pair of trousers are enough.


Finally, you will have to settle on how much you wish to spend. The number of musicians and the total performance duration determines the price. The larger the ensemble and the longer the duration, the more you’ll have to pay. You will have to decide depending on your deliberation regarding the points covered above.

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