July 16, 2019

What makes a great band at a corporate event?

The Sydney live music scene has a lot of talent on offer and with so many exceptional acts around there is a lot of quality options in terms of potentially hiring one of these groups for your next corporate event or private party.

You would normally start looking for quotes and availability, and from what you find you have some quotes which really do vary, you are likely going to ask, why is one more expensive than the other?

The answer is really in the quality of the band, each act genuinely knows where they stand in terms of performance and atmosphere they bring to an event, this allows them to define a price which suits their skills and experience. It’s the standout between having a “band” for the night or having high-class professional entertainment for the evening.

What to expect from a Great Band..

An experienced band will really move the crowd, have a great rhythm and broad song selection. They can gauge what the crowd want and get people dancing, its a talent and an art that takes musicians years and years to perfect.

If you are paying a premium for a band there is a genuine reason for it, the band is likely has a really well-established group, performed high profile private gigs numerous times, has a local bar circuit they play with lots of fans and regulars, plus bring an amazing vibe to their events that will make for a memorable evening.

A great band can make any type of event feel special regardless if it is a corporate event or it is a wedding, a great band can ensure you and the guest have an amazing time.

There are other aspects as well which are quite important, an experienced band have the capacity to understand how to read and understand a Run Sheet for the evening, this may sound candid, however having a band ready to go when you need them and on time to fit into a schedule for the evening, saves a lot of embarrassment – particularly if you have external clients at a high-profile corporate event.

Lastly, style is really important, musician swag can differ but for a professional live act for a corporate gig, you normally want them looking sharp and ready for business.

Soul Nights set the benchmark for premium high-quality corporate entertainment in Sydney, the guys have been performing together for over 10 years and have such an amazingly diverse group to play all your favs.

If you want to know more or interested in hiring the band, call Emilio 02 9807 1919

Want to see more check out a video of the band jamming at a recent corporate party..